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Energy Usage

Energy Use

Energy Usage

Refers to the efforts that the State of Oklahoma is making to become more efficient in its use of energy regarding state-owned assets.

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Fiscal Year Budget by Funding Source
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Total Energy Usage

Decrease the total energy use index of state-owned facilities from 127.60 kBtu/square foot in 2012 to 109.04 kBtu/square foot by 2018.

• Today: 
110.45 kBtu/square foot
• Target: 
109.04 kBtu/square foot

Energy Star Qualified Facilities

Increase the number of state-operated facilities that are eligible for Energy Star certification from 10 in 2012 to 25 by 2018.

• Today: 
12 facilities
• Target: 
25 facilities

CNG Fleet Vehicles

Increase the percentage of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) light-duty and passenger vehicles in the statewide fleet from 7.4% in 2014 to 18% by 2018.

• Today: 
• Target: