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About OKStateStat

Welcome to OKStateStat, Oklahoma's performance transparency website to showcase performance-informed budgeting efforts. One of the tools to accomplish performance-informed budgeting is the creation of Statewide Programs aligned within agency budgets.

Under the leadership of Gov. Mary Fallin and her cabinet, the state has charted its strategy by crafting 5 strategic statewide goals and underlying Statewide Programs. The Governor’s Office worked with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the Governor’s Cabinet and other key stakeholders to define strategic priorities and outcome measures for each Statewide Program.

Currently, there are 52 Statewide Programs identified; these may evolve over time, as continuous improvement is the motivation for performance-informed budgeting. These Statewide Programs allow the state to bridge the gap between performance measures and dollars actually spent on services. This cross-agency perspective allows for more informed questions about the most effective allocation of state resources.

Healthy Citizens and Strong Families:

Oklahoma will strive to provide infrastructure for social stability, access to health care services, preventative care services, and promote overall wellness in order to support healthy people and strong families.

Safe Citizens and Secure Communities:

Oklahoma will strive to provide public protection, law enforcement and environmental stability in order to maintain the safety of its citizens and security of its communities.

Educated Citizens and Exemplary Schools:

Oklahoma will strive to provide exemplary schools, high-quality education, and educational opportunities to support the educational attainment and achievement of all citizens.

Prosperous Citizens and Thriving Economy:

Oklahoma will strive to support business, entrepreneurship and innovation, wealth generation, and key economic systems statewide in order to foster prosperous citizens and a thriving economy.

Effective Services and Accountable Government:

Oklahoma will strive to provide effective services and accountable government for all citizens by practicing fiscal responsibility, efficiency and transparency.

Oklahoma Works and OKStateStat

Gov. Fallin has created the Oklahoma Works Initiative to help Oklahomans achieve the American dream through addressing the substantial skills gap in Oklahoma's workforce. The Oklahoma Works Initiative has been developed to accomplish this through promoting the vision that Oklahomans will receive the education and skills needed to excel in wealth-building occupations and meet labor demands. This is to be accomplished by using data to inform policy, track progress and measure success. By fostering regional partnerships, local and regional challenges to wealth generation will be addressed with locally-based solutions through business leaders, economic development organizations and regional agency partners. Finally, by modifying the use of resources and incentives, the state will support the integrated vision that brings wealth to Oklahomans, local regions, and to the state as a whole. Thus, the Oklahoma Works Initiative can serve as a model for achieving progress and meeting the targets of the state.