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Career Readiness Certifications


Increase the number of Oklahoma Career Readiness Certificates (OKCRC) earned from 14,340 in 2014 to 15,774 by 2018.

What does this measure?

It measures the number of career readiness certifications earned. This certification informs employers of an employee’s skill levels in the areas of applied math, reading for information and locating information.

Why is this important?

Increasing the skill levels of our workforce will benefit Oklahoma by improving the match between employer-demanded skills and the skills of job applicants. As businesses' profitability increases, so does income for Oklahomans.

What do the results mean?

The data informs potential employers of the levels of a skill-ready workforce. We have steadily increased the number of certifications the last few years, but must continue with the system to ensure that Oklahoma has a pipeline of appropriately skilled and credentialed workers. The results impact our goal to continuously improve the number of work-ready citizens, and illustrate the commitment to assisting companies in being successful in Oklahoma. They also outline the knowledge and skills of potential employees.

The historical data has remained moderately stable over the last four years.

What actions are we taking?

CareerTech is implementing a plan for a 10% increase in the number of certificates earned by 2018, and is partnering with other entities such as workforce investment boards, tribal government and the military for unlimited testing access to all Oklahomans.


Source: Oklahoma CareerTech