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CareerTech Industry Credentials


Increase the number of CareerTech industry credentials from 12,551 in 2013 to 13,806 by 2018.

What does this measure?

It measures those students who receive either industry-endorsed or industry-aligned credentials or certifications demonstrating competency and skills.

Why is this important?

Increasing the number of students with credentials validates the state is meeting current and future workforce needs. It illustrates the knowledge and skill sets of the current workforce and it shows the workforce pipeline needs and skill gaps are being addressed.

What do the results mean?

Oklahomans have the skills and abilities to be wealth-generating. Companies have the workforce to be productive in the State of Oklahoma. The historical data shows increases every year since 2011.

What actions are we taking?

CareerTech offers training options for individuals and companies to obtain industry credentials, and is proposing a performance-funding model, pending available dollars, to incentivize schools to increase the number of industry credentials earned.


Source: Oklahoma CareerTech