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How do performance informed budgeting, OKStateStat and the Oklahoma Works Initiative align?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2016-01-05 16:26

OKStateStat is Oklahoma's performance transparency website and houses performance information under the statewide programs for performance informed budgeting. The statewide programs developed under the strategic framework of performance informed budgeting were intentionally aligned to the performance measures, outcomes, and targets of Gov. Fallin's workforce and education alignment initiative, the Oklahoma Works Initiative—42 performance measures across 14 statewide programs share the Oklahoma Works Initiative performance measures and targets. This alignment of the Oklahoma Works Initiative with performance informed budgeting will allow for the accounting of dollars spent toward achieving the outcomes of wealth generation, employment growth, and workforce participation as well as many other areas in the education and economy statewide goals. The alignment of these two projects also allows for the Oklahoma Works Initiative to serve as a model of what can be done when the state aligns and uses data to achieve outcomes. There are many other goals and priority areas that have been identified as a part of performance informed budgeting that can be impacted by promoting a statewide vision, effective partnerships, and modified use of resources and incentives to reach the targets that the state has set.