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Online Motor Vehicle Renewals


Increase the number of motor vehicle renewals processed online from 108,500 in 2014 to 180,000 by 2018.

What does this measure?

It measures annual online motor vehicle license tag renewals.

Why is this important?

This measure indicates a potential cost savings and increased efficiencies to the state in addition to an increase in service to taxpayers.

What do the results mean?

An increase from one year to the next indicates more taxpayers who have utilized online renewal as opposed to live or mailed in transactions with a motor vehicle licensing agent or the Tax Commission.

Currently, the number of online renewals is a small percentage of the total annual renewals processed each year. The data shows that the service is underutilized by the general public.

What actions are we taking?

Online renewal is encouraged through reminder notices and postings on the Tax Commission website.


Source: Oklahoma Tax Commission