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What are Oklahoma’s 5 statewide goals?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2016-01-05 16:15

The 5 statewide goals are broad priority areas describing desired, long-term outcomes of the state that encourage strategic direction, while providing a framework in which state agencies can align their efforts. The following are Oklahoma's 5 statewide goals:

Healthy People and Strong Families: Oklahoma will strive to provide infrastructure for social stability, access to health care services, preventative care services, and promote overall wellness in order to support healthy people and strong families.

Safe Citizens and Secure Communities: Oklahoma will strive to provide public protection, law enforcement, and environmental stability in order to maintain the safety of its citizens and security of its communities.

Educated Citizens and Exemplary Schools: Oklahoma will strive to provide exemplary schools, high-quality education, and opportunities to support the educational attainment and achievement of its citizens.

Prosperous Citizens and Thriving Economy: Oklahoma will strive to support business, entrepreneurship and innovation, wealth generation, and key economic systems of the state in order to foster prosperous citizens and a thriving economy.

Effective Services and Accountable Government: Oklahoma will strive to provide effective services and accountable government for its citizens by practicing fiscal responsibility, efficiency and transparency in state government.