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What is the Oklahoma Works Initiative?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2016-01-05 16:23

Promoting a statewide vision

Gov. Fallin created the Oklahoma Works Initiative to help Oklahomans achieve the American dream through addressing the substantial skills gap in Oklahoma’s workforce. To meet labor demands and maintain wealth-building occupations, Oklahoma must understand the new minimum for success requires a post-secondary degree or credential.

Aligning and using state data

The Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development (GCWED) has been tasked with using data to inform policy, track progress and measure success. State workforce partners, departments and agencies impacting career readiness, are developing metrics for targeted wealth generation across the state.

Expanding effective partnerships

Regional private business leaders and regional state workforce partners’ staff will lead Key Economic Networks (KENs) to provide regional and statewide qualitative data on local economies and foster regional partnerships. These KENs will identify local and regional challenges to wealth generation and will develop locally-based solutions through business leaders, economic development organizations and regional agency partners.

Modifying the use of resources and incentives to support an integrated vision

State workforce partners will establish an annual review of funding sources and incentives provided by federal, state and local sources. In addition, state workforce partners will chart the effectiveness of federal and state funding used by the state’s education, workforce and economic development system.